Venture capital for scaling from earliest stages of growth and beyond.

We back founders and startups that transform large industries.

Global and comprehensive understanding
of markets and verticals allows us to move fast and be instrumental to the founder in navigating scaling.
Our portfolio
  • CodeSignal
    Coding Tests and Assessments for Technical Hiring

  • Teachmint
    Creating online teaching classes in India

  • Speechify
    Mobile and desktop app that allows to make Audiobooks from Anything and helps people with dyslexia and low vision to read out using text to speech voice
  • Krisp
    Mobile and desktop app that uses AI to mute background noises during video and audio calls

  • Rain
    Rain is an employee benefits app that allows employees to instantly receive their earned-wage on-demand

  • Productfy
    Banking-as-a-service (BaaS) platform that aims to build DeFi for traditional finance

  • Atom Finance
    Investment research platform and application that offers resources, data, and analysis to investors and allows to track all investments in one place
    Fast and simple framework for building and scaling data pipelines for machine learning

  • Houm
    Property management platform and discovery marketplace that simplifies the process of renting homes for both landlords and tenants.

  • Calii
    Automating the food supply chain in Latam: connecting producers of fruits and vegetables directly to households, restaurants, and retailers
  • byrd
    International e-commerce fulfillment network giving online shops access to a scalable and powerful logistics solution

  • Supersapiens
    Energy management for endurance athletes through CGM devices

  • Mighty Buildings
    Cutting-edge construction technology company that uses 3D printing, robotics, and automation to build homes.
  • Plato.hq
    Community for Engineering Leaders
We don't follow buzzwords. We assess growth in an unbiased manner, looking at fundamentals.
Our internal data platform helps us to discover and benchmark the companies across industries and verticals. And we are always happy to share our knowledge with the founders.
We invest in big markets with fundamental potential for further multi-decade growth both in B2B and B2C markets, from post-seed to series B.
We invest globally
with focus on US and EU
We share our multi-angle view, deep understanding, and a truly global perspective on the industries and markets we are focused on.

We use a data approach to help portfolio companies get industry benchmarks and insights, allowing them to meet the changing market demands successfully.
We support our portfolio with the experience of our investment professionals team. Our team members worked at both small and big companies, partnered with great founders, successfully co-invested with the notable VCs and institutional investors, and have been investing in consumer internet markets for 10+ years globally.

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